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We have resumed in-person meetings! If you are healthy and would like to join us Sunday mornings, scroll down for gathering times and locations.

Last Week's Message:

- A Word from the Pastor -
I feel encouraged by the Lord to attempt to demonstrate how to see through a prophetic lens.
When Jesus sent the man who was blind to wash at the Pool of Siloam (or the Pool of the Sent or the Apostles Pool), He was sending him to a place that represented a period of great revival. Where the impossible was made possible. Where even though they were still surrounded by fear, death, kidnapping, destruction, etc the people of Judah enjoyed a refuge from the storm. I believe that He wants US to partake of the same things NOW. We have a choice. Will we respond in faith or will we dismiss this notion and laugh as some of them did? Will we see through the eyes of faith because we CHOOSE to see from His higher perspective or will we allow ourselves to miss out just because we are too afraid to put our hearts out there and Believe and Trust the word of the Lord.
As for me and my house......

Be the


Do you think that you should actually feel better about yourself
when you leave a church service than when you came?
                            or loved?
If you are looking for a church like this and  haven't found it yet, how about letting us show you what we have found in Jesus? Maybe you have something to show us as well!

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