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Fathers Day 2023!! Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads out there. 

I feel especially led to encourage each and every father to be the man that God has created them to be.

As I was prayerfully considering what the title should be for this message, I had a little trouble. But not what you might think. My dilemma was not “A title," but “Which title.”

Here are some of my other options-
1) Another Elijah Moment
2) The Silent Majority
3) “If Not Now...When?”

I chose the title Real Fathers- PLEASE STAND UP because I felt that it best conveyed the Lord's heart concerning the times that we live in.

We are in one of those crucial moments when we all know that something needs/has to happen. We simply cannot continue in the direction that society is going. Something has to change.

The great news is this is not taking the Lord by surprise. He’s got this. And He’s willing to reveal His plan for the Greatest Awakening that the world has ever seen.
Awakening is Now!!

Scriptures- Malachi 4:5-6 KJV 
         1 Kings 18:17-22 KJV 

Be the


Do you think that you should actually feel better about yourself
when you leave a church service than when you came?
                            or loved?
If you are looking for a church like this and haven't found it yet, how about letting us show you what we have found in Jesus? Maybe you have something to show us as well!

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