It's Already In There

Christ in me, the hope of Glory.
Thank You for what You
Have already done.
God sees me as holy,
Flawless and restored
By the sacrifice of His Son.

Because I know who I am,
There is no more fear.
Satan has no power over me.
Old things are passed away,
God almighty lives inside.

Raising from the dead power
Is in there
Resurrection power
Will flow through my body
When my mind is renewed

Death and life are in the power of my tongue.
I speak death to sickness and disease,
And life to my flesh and bones.
It’s not about what You can do,
But it’s what You’ve already done.

I don’t need more of You!
But I need a revelation of what I already have.
I don’t need more faith!
I already have the faith of the son of God.
I just need to use what’s already in there.

My mind is renewed by acknowledging
The free gift of faith You have given me.
Faith and love rise within me
As I learn to access the treasures stored up for me.

Wisdom and spiritual understanding
Are already in there.
I walk in true righteousness,
His righteousness, not my own.


Barry Morris - January 23rd, 2020 at 9:08pm

Very proud of Annette. Anything is possible when you make yourself available.

Darren Alkire - January 25th, 2020 at 7:09am

I’m so inspired by this Gift of the Spirit, I felt led to do a confirming message from it. Thanks Annette for leading us all in the paths of surrendered obedience.